Looking to grow your Instagram presence? These are our tried and true 3 STEPS TO THE PERFECT INSTAGRAM CAPTION... Social captions are kind of important to promote engagement. And engagement is more important that like counts. More engagement with a post = the more it will show up in your follower’s feed.

So, how do you write engaging captions? The three steps I try to follow when I sit down to create content…

1️⃣ A HEADLINE THAT POPS. Grab your audience’s attention from the get-go to stop the scroll. You have a nano-second to capture their attention. Experiment with caps and emojis. .

2️⃣ FIND YOUR BRAND VOICE. Be authentic. Make sure the caption sounds like you/your brand. Is it irreverent? Is it motivating? Read your caption out loud as a gut check. Authenticity = engagement (Don’t forget to make your captions easy to read with emojis and line breaks). .

3️⃣ USE A CALL TO ACTION (CTA). Increase engagement by using a call to action in your post. Ask a question, solicit opinions or direct your audience to comment. 🧡 Bonus – Increase visibility with hashtags and tags. More on that in a future post.
What do you struggle with the most when it comes to Instagram captions (see what we did there?!?!)

Allison Cohen