A donate sticker is coming to Instagram Stories.  This could be the BEST.NEWS.EVER. for nonprofits in social media-land. It is especially exciting for those nonprofit accounts with under 10,000 followers who are limited to one link in their bio (accounts over 10,000 can use SWIPE UP links in their stories). Thanks to the super sleuth @wongmjane who uncovered this exciting new development.

We love using Instagram Stories.  It is a great way for your nonprofit to show authenticity, share (and gather) info quickly and give supporters a peek at some behind-the-scenes action. Recode has said Instagram Stories are “perhaps the fastest-growing media format ever,” and in 2019, according to Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, Stories are expected to outpace Feeds as "the primary way people share things with their friends."
The Donate sticker isn’t expected to launch until ‘later this year’ - ackkk. Let’s look on the bright side – you have plenty of time to prepare. Here’s how:
Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours.  For many, this is a blessing and a curse.  So, Instagram rolled out the Highlights feature to save stories.  If you haven’t created a few categories for your nonprofit account, we suggest getting started and getting in the habit of saving your stories. Don’t know how? Reach out and we’ll send you a how-to.
Be a 501(c)(3) "in good standing."
Get your paperwork in order. The donor sticker will work 2 ways – it can be posted by the organization itself or by an individual user. According to, users will have to ‘select’ the organization that will receive these donations from a list of charities that Facebook (remember, they own Instagram) has pre-approved. The approval process in the United States will involve Facebook confirming with the Internal Revenue Service that the charity has 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status "in good standing." Not much has been said about credit card fees yet, we are sure that there is more to come on this.

Build Relationships, create Influencers.
Instagram makes it easy.  Every time someone mentions your organization, you get a DM (direct message). Scroll through your mentions and get to know the people that are retelling your story. It’s best practice to be responsive on a regular basis. The impending Donate sticker gives you a chance to be proactive in your communication with supporters through DM’s and commenting. Now is the time to cultivate deeper relationships with the right voices and strategize on how to leverage these advocates moving forward.
Create your own Hashtag.
Ours is #orangedoor. Create one that is unique to you. Unfortunately, others can use your hashtag at will, so choose wisely and share widely (in your bio, in every grid post, and every Story). Instagram algorithms are looking for hashtags on stories and considers it an underutilized way of engagement. This will be key in making your content searchable as others look to donate to your organization and share information about it. 
Story Takeovers.
Take a deep breath and relinquish control. We think Influencer/Supporter takeovers are going to be key for successful donation strategies on Stories. So practice what a takeover feels like for your organization, create a set of guidelines and watch the storytelling magic.  Keep in mind, Stories are so successful because they are authentic. Authentic doesn’t have to be perfect. Have some fun.
Looking for content ideas for your social feeds? Check out this graphic we created - print it and keep it close when you are creating your content calendars.

Need some help creating a Stories strategy? Not sure how to successfully use hashtags? Just knock.

Allison Cohen