SWAK: Sealed With A Kiss

National Letter Writing Month? Whoever decided to do this in April, clearly didn’t go to camp! The great art of letter writing. When my kids were younger, I sent them to camp with the coolest, mom-made stationery with hopes of a full mailbox. And somehow, I still managed to get a piece of lined paper taped up with a stamp haphazardly placed on it.  Not sure how it made it to me, but glad it did since it was the only letter I got that session! I think there is a bit of payback in there – I’d write the letters but never mail them.  They’d come back from camp with me in my trunk.

The summer my youngest was going to camp, my friend found a slew of fake letters under her bed.  Her daughter said she was practicing because no one had ever taught her how to write a letter and address an envelope. 6 years later, we still tease her.  She inspired this video I made a few years back at Foundation for Jewish Camp.


Another pro tip?  Make your own fill-in stationery. It is my sneaky way of getting the info I want when I can’t talk to my kids.  Every camp is different, but my kids don’t find out their bunkmates and counselors until they arrive at camp (by bus). So, I made my own mad-libs style letter, put it in their bus bag and made them promise to send it the first day.  I mean, I may have threatened not to bring them anything on visiting if they didn’t, but that really doesn’t sound like me. :-)

Allison Cohen