In a mood, for a bit of color.

I finally made my own mood board.  No need to pat me on the back, if I was my own client, I would have done this long ago. I have been feeling like the shoe-makers kids that have no shoes, not having all my own elements in order.  Good problem to have, focusing on clients.  And even though it has been only a few months, it was a good exercise to go back through the images I had originally pulled and pinned to boards on Pinterest.

It was hard to distinguish what defined me and what defines Orange Door. Sure, I want it to stand on its own, but have my sense of humor. I struggled not to put fun skiing gear, beautiful cocktails or embroidered shirts on the board.  I think I got it right.  As I took things off and on, the right images seemed to just stick.  I like design that is super simple.  Images that aren’t over composed. Things that are clean but kinetic, showing energy, momentum and movement.

There are a lot of things I love about orange. But it isn’t a color that people would use to describe me. If you look in my closet, there is pretty much black, white and denim. Does navy count as a pop of color?  Besides my front door and stuff in my fridge, I am hard pressed to find much orange in my personal life.  Yet, there is something about it that feels incredibly versatile as a neutral color.  Pair with cobalt blue, hot pink or even a beige and it feels super modern.  Give it a Howard Johnsons blue or a sunny yellow and it goes cool retro.  It’s fun, it’s happy. And I am glad it found me.

moodboard letter size.jpg
Allison Cohen