Why Orange Door? In the simplest of terms...

Why Orange Door?  Do you have an Orange Door?  Is Orange your favorite color? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?  Almost every conversation I have had over the past few weeks either starts or ends with one of these questions. (Well, not the banana one, that’s just a family fav) Yes, I do have an orange door.  And it makes me happy.  Bizarrely happy.  An ‘enjoy the little things, soak it in’ kind of happy.

A few years ago, my husband saw a picture of someone’s home on Facebook and fell in love with their yellow door. Two days later, we had an orange one.    Clearly, it’s not the actual door that makes me happy, but what’s behind it.  For months, I would pull into my driveway and giggle.  My otherwise typical-from-the-outside split-level home had its point of differentiation. It came to represent the spontaneity of our family as well as the warmth, love and fun that encompasses our home. It was a way to show everyone that comes up to our doorstep - hey, you are going to have fun here. Walk through this door, and be ready for some fun. (I love to bake and my husband is a master mixologist so it’s a pretty sure bet that there is something for everyone on the other side of that door. We also have a doormat that says “Hi, I’m Mat” but I thought that would make for an odd business card.)

What I feel when I pull up to my house, is what I want you to feel when we work together.  That you are being taken care of, being heard, there is some spontaneity, whimsy, meaning and a ton of fun in what we are creating together. It was completely surprising to me how a coat of paint and a door could really define my home – almost magical. When I create a logo or define a mission statement, I hope I can share the same magic. And give you insight, perspective and a new way of looking at what you are building.

My logo?  My take on a vintage motel key tag.  The day I decided to start Orange Door Strategies, I was walking through the West Village.  (I do my best thinking while I’m window shopping).  I was working through a name, what the focus of the business would be and I wandered in Greenwich Letterpress.  I am a sucker for stationery and anything on great paper.  And this was waiting for me. It all clicked, like a lock on a door that is opening.


The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies.  Brian’s essay at the end.  Gets me every time. 

“You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out, is that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal.”

That’s why I love branding.  Getting audiences to see you, your brand, your business how you want them to, for all the things that you are.  In the simplest of terms.

Allison Cohen