Yes, we are still talking about Facebook Algorithms


Does hearing the words FACEBOOK ALGORITHM make you want to run and jump in the lake?  So, we are almost 2 months in to Facebook algorithm changes and you have probably seen nothing but posts from the same people in your personal feed and your reach plummet on your business page.  Social media is a powerful tool for you to use to connect with your camp community (current campers, potential families, staff and alumni) and share your stories. So, how do you adapt – when you have no time, not enough staff to focus on this and camp is just around the corner (for real!).

Move away from your three billboards like strategy and take time to plan.

Continuing to use social media like a billboard or a one-way advertising platform won’t work (insert crying emoji). Your posts will get buried. Engage your audience with compelling, relevant, valuable content that is focused on the needs and interests of your audience. Be THE go-to resource on (insert one or more here) camp, topics that support your mission, education, 21st Century skills. Ask questions, tag friends, create a digital conversation.

Go Live - Post more video.

Video is by far the most popular form of content shared on social media (this goes for ALL social media platforms, not just Facebook). Use it to your advantage.  Show camp in the snow, a new building being built, reunion, staff drop in.  Live doesn’t need to be long – a minute or two is fine. Check out these numbers -

Create Facebook Events for happenings.

Facebook is pushing notifications for events to their users  - so let’s get creative. Registration deadlines, bus departures, first day of camp, visiting day, and National Grill Cheese Day – April 12. I can’t wait to see what I am going to be invited to.

Explore Facebook Groups.

Groups may now get priority over Pages since they promote “meaningful interactions” (in many cases). This is a great way to talk to those already inside the tent and cultivate community. Unfortunately, this isn’t just a set it and forget it.  Be sure to pop-in to share information and answer questions.