5 Things: Bite-Sized Marketing Actions

Q4? How’d that happen? Overwhelmed with what you need to get done in the next 3 months? Excited to plow ahead? Need some inspiration to get started and stay on track? Yes to all of the above? We’ve got your back.

Sure, marketing takes time, manpower and of course, money. But if you're short on all of the above, you can still make moves in the right direction. We’ve got five quick and simple Orange Door approved things you can do RIGHT NOW to elevate your marketing efforts. Grab a cup of coffee, your laptop and ten minutes tops.



Great bios are a snapshot of not just who you are but what you offer to the world. Take a look at:

Camp S’MoreFun: A fantastic place to have a blast, learn new skills, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime!

Has personality, gives a professional descriptor. But does it tell you what you get for following along? Instead, try:

Camp S’MoreFun: A fantastic place in Maine to have a blast, learn new skills, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime! See how we do it summer after summer and get more information at www.campsmorefun.com

Now, someone can see what they’ll get from following you Instagram, and they can even follow the link for more info. You have 150 characters + a link. Use them wisely.

Inspired to open the door wider? Take a look at your Facebook ABOUT section. Lots of opportunity over there to share info.


Everyone seems to forget that they’re gaining new followers all the time (NEW PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS). And until the Instagram gods let us in on the secrets of their algorithms, not everyone organically sees even your best and most popular content.

Look at something that was popular in the past, and share it again! Rework the caption, elaborate or update with some new perspective or experience. It’s totally cool to simply share it again as-is. Pinky-swear.

Inspired to open the door wider? Boost the reach as a paid ad, see how it works.


Your biggest supporters are your biggest supporters for a reason. Ask them why they love your camp, your program, your counselors. Hello! You have a new quote for your website, a rave to share on social media, a testimonial to insert into your newest marketing materials… Just make sure to ask for permission to share widely when you ask for their thoughts.

Inspired to open the door wider? Who doesn’t love an instant ego boost? Ask more clients – families and kids - a great way to grow your collection of raves! Ask them to send in a quick video.


You’ve been dreaming of more since you last wrote out your plan for the quarter, guaranteed. Remind yourself of your goals to spark new ideas and institute another small step toward your next big win. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on the work you’ve already done!

Inspired to open the door wider? Add to your goals. You’re never done dreaming… (I just did, hence this email!)


It might seem irresponsible to step away from all the work you have to accomplish, but I promise that breath is going to give you the energy, clarity and desire to work smarter, better and more efficiently. Can’t get out? Create some quiet in the office – download and cut out this great Do Not Disturb sign. (We love a crafter-noon moment!)

Inspired to open the door wider? Download the Headspace app, create a new Spotify playlist (Pro-Tip: you can share favs to Instagram Stories) or calendar a walk around the block everyday.

Allison Cohen